Consulting Services

I support leaders and their organizations in multiple aspects of development – strategy development, leadership development, organizational development and change leadership.  When possible, I design integrated processes for strategy, leadership and culture focused on doing – closing the knowing:doing gap found in many organizations, activating change leadership and aiming for widespread organizational learning.

I have tremendous respect for the complex business and organizational challenges faced by many organizations today.  As a former CEO and leader of large, complex organizations, I know all too well the pressures of juggling strategic, operational, financial, cultural, organizational (and more!) objectives in today’s environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  I’ve committed myself to supporting leaders and their organizations to better deal with these challenges, and to do so in a way that is both effective and meaningful.

Like all my work, my consulting assignments are approached with a spirit of learning, collaboration, involvement and creativity and are adapted to the needs of the leader and the organization.  Whether you have a specific, even narrow problem in need of a solution, or a broad list of adaptive challenges that require exploration and development, let’s talk and see if I can help!



Sometimes having an experienced and trustworthy sounding board can make all the difference in how we perceive and understand others, ourselves and the challenges we face.  My coaching toolbox includes both individual coaching with a focus on personal leadership skills, how to release your unique potential, working with dilemmas and reflecting on how to solve different leadership challenges, as well as executive coaching, which can include operational development, analyses, assessment of various courses of action and the broadening of perspectives.  In either case, you can count on a sounding board of great personal integrity who will both support you and dare to confront you and play devil’s advocate when necessary.

The choice of a coach is crucial, and can either “click” or not.  Let’s have a meaningful conversation about what could help you most, and see if I might support you the way others have supported me.


 Workshop Design & Facilitation

Involving people early on in the developments and changes that are sure to affect them, and using their competence and insight into the development of those changes, should be fundamental in today’s organizations.

I design and facilitate workshops, small and large, that get people talking and acting from the get go, focus their energies on the opportunities at hand, and release the creative spirit necessary for true exploration and innovation.

By integrating a very clear purpose with a safe environment of creative exploration, together we can find new ways, tap into unforeseen potentials, or simply bring others on board a train that is soon to leave the station.  Let’s talk about what your needs and goals are and design a learning occasion where you get the results you need and people feel the possibility of creative experimentation.


 Speaking Engagements

Do you have an upcoming gathering or meeting and need an energetic and humble speaker?  I love to share reflections and learning from my own experience in big crowds and small, and enjoy the process of finding that magic intersection of my interests and your needs.  Some previous topics include “Leading from the Inside Out”, How Creativity is the Scarcest Resource in Organizations Today”, “The Importance of Vulnerability in Leadership”, “What Improv Theatre Taught Me about Leadership”, and “Building a High-Performing, Learning Organization”.

While I’m certain that listening is at the core of leadership, I confess that I do love to talk, too!


    Panel Debate Discussions

Do you need an experienced global business leader to participate in a panel discussion or public conversation with others?  I have debated the role of integrating sustainability into the core of business strategy at the Swedish Embassy in India, the challenges of omni-channel and the changing face of retail at the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores Annual Summit in Singapore, and shared my personal views on leadership and leading change at a number of different forums.             Feel free to give me a call if you think I can contribute!