My work, and the toolbox I use, have been developed over 30 years of international business and leadership development experience around the globe. ¬†More than anything else, I believe that strategy, leadership and implementation should be seen as an integrated process, closing the gap between what an organisation says and what it does. ¬†Harnessing the power of this integrated process drives cultural transformation, and helps make clear, once and for all, that an organisation’s culture is not what it thinks it is, but how it behaves.

“It is easier to act our way into a new way of thinking, than to think our way into a new way of acting.” ¬†-Richard Pascale

I support organisations to develop and implement strategies, change platforms and ways of working that deliver results and organisational learning, while simultaneously developing leaders who want to release energy in themselves and others and help everyone find meaning in their work.

I’m inspired by 3 fundamental beliefs:

  • That as human beings we are hardwired for meaning and connection with others and that we are at our best when we collaborate and have a voice in the things that matter to us.

  • That the complex challenges of today can only be solved through awareness-based systems change and that the quality of our intention and awareness directly affects the quality of the results we achieve.

  • That creativity is the scarcest resource in organisations today, and that accessing, developing, and sharing our creativity directly affects the results and the meaningfulness of our work.